Occult Symbolism
derived from symbolism in literature and the ancient world





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Animal symbols like spirit guides held clans together, made dreams important, pointed out attributes and qualities we need. People symbols promote brotherliness, a beautiful virgin as famous to the eye as a flower, a bearded old man as a body of revered knowledge, our ages and wisdom, unique points of view, all found in the night sky as constellations and the unending source of stories, heroes and audacious deeds.  Are you a ram or a bull? Brotherly Gemini, a horse whisperer AND a boxer? Lionhearted? Virginal and untouched by the common destinies of the pedestrian? Balancing act, charmed, I’m sure. Secretive scorpion, what’s in your crevasse? Goat snail thingy, from ancient Sumer, shellacking the crops? Ole man winter, his gathering of friends, what use to be the realm of astrologer Urania. Finally fish, two rescuers of Venus and Cupid, what sorrows lie with the fish moving upward and down? Here is astrological symbolism, but it's not JUST a symbol:

ARIES: Self, your mannerisms, style, disposition, temperament, outward behavior, likes and dislikes, the way you present yourself, physical head and facial features. Self-interest, what you want most in life, especially at this moment in time. Me first, action, fiery enthusiasm. Inspiration toward immediate goals, entrepreneurial activity, start-up savvy, go-getter-zeal.

TAURUS: Money and Possessions. What you own in life and will acquire, income, financial prospects. Things you physically take with you through life. How you feel about money and possessions, surroundings, objects you like. Earning power, ability to handle money. Activities and projects that may be a source of income. Security measures, value judgments, values. Both security and insecurity.

GEMINI: Communication. Immediate environment, self-expression, family ties, and day to day travel. The way you think, speak and write. Logic, memory, and manual skill. Early education, ability to study and learn. Relationship with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors. Speedy vehicles, fast travel. Spin control, lying, theft. Conversation and response. Effectiveness of (creative) expression to communicate, to reach out, succeed by influence.

CANCER: Home, early and latter parts of life, home Life, past, present, and future. Childhood home and relationship with Father. Whatever you internalized from your extended family.  Current domestic affairs. Real estate holdings and ownership of land. The closing years of your life, the kind of security you seek for old age. What you keep secluded from the world. At home in both a physical and emotional sense (i.e. at home on a computer, on a jet, at the helm of a boat).

LEO: Creativity and Sex, your heart. Everything you do for pleasure and creative expression. Your sexual nature. Children and the joy you receive from them. Entertainment and holidays, amusements and the arts. Love affairs. New ventures in life. Speculation and gambles, games of chance. Artistic talents as well as your ability to enjoy yourself in life. Childhood, pets and playmates. Things to which you instinctively give affection.

VIRGO: Service and Health. Service to others, your need to help others and to be useful. Relationship with co-workers, subordinates, and employers. Opportunities in public service, selfless cooperation. Attention to detail, nitpicking. Office life. State of health. Illness brought on by worry or emotional upsets. Robust or delicate condition. Diseases you may be subject to. Hard-wired anal retentiveness over concerns with minutiae, procedure and correctitude.

LIBRA: Partnership and marriage. Husband or wife, the mate you choose in life. Kind of marriage you will have, and whether you divorce or remarry. Partnerships in business, legal affairs, and politics. Legal unions or contracts. Question or disputes. Ability to work with others. Hostilities in business or profession. Ability to blend your personality with others, shared goals. Melting pot, diversity of races, religions, the disabled, gay. Technological understanding, ability, and access.

SCORPIO: House of Death, Regeneration and Legacies. One of the three mystical houses most difficult to understand. Sometimes called the House of spiritual transformation. Life forces that surround sex, birth, death, and the afterlife. Legacies and what you inherit from the dead- materially and spiritually. Money that belongs to your partner. Taxes and debt. Conditions surrounding your death. Surgery and recovery. Psychic powers, aptitude for occult studies.

SAGITTARIUS: Mental Exploration and Long Distance Travel. Study, travel, and mental pursuits. Higher mind and purpose. Higher education, philosophy and the study in depth of profound subjects. Long journeys of mind and body. Actual travel to foreign lands and business interests in other countries. Meeting of foreigners who expand your way of thinking. Study of languages. Public expression of ideas. Publishing and literary effort. Success in foreign countries.

CAPRICORN: Career and Public Standing. Matters outside the home - profession, community status, and reputation. Ambition, aspiration and attainment. Esteem in which you are held by others. Image, as shown in the power, position, and honors that you achieve. Outward expression of your talents. The way you accept responsibility. Position derived through your own efforts. Material success in life. Appearances, look of success. Maternal relationship.

AQUARIUS: Friends, Hopes and Wishes. Long-term dreams, goals and intellectual pleasures. Groups, organizations that have to do with work, profession or family. Clubs, societies, or political associations to which you belong. Friends, acquaintances who further your interests and objectives. Ability to enjoy other people. Harmonious working together of all people, new world orders. Expressing individual personality. Idealism and vision. Intellectualizing humanity.

PISCES: Secrets, Sorrows and Self-Undoing. Most mystical of all, end of the circle. Not necessarily negative or gloomy. Limitations placed on your life. Disappointments, accidents, trouble and self-defeat. Unseen forces, secret enemies. Escapism. Asylums, hospitals, and prisons. Karma, Spiritual debt. Rewards and punishments for deeds one commits in the world. Psychic powers. Rescue and salvation of humanity. Ability to discover the meaning of life.

I show you this collection as a beginning, a symbolism 101. It is a good place to start because it is a system of symbols which has been around as long as imagination. In the past, astrological symbols had as much impact on society as Toyota, Coka-Cola, Goodyear, All-State and the Bank of America today. Modern literature does not explain symbolism, but rather illustrates it without letting on how it works. A visual mind may be more perceptive than a literal one because of the picturing of what ever schemata is showing forth. To say that us moderns are not moved by symbol is to ignore everything that makes us human.

Symbols may have less impact on your life than finding a partner, succeeding in business, building wealth, bearing children, supporting families, and finding your way in the world, but as guide posts to the possibilities, resources and solutions to life's riddles, they are indispensible.  How people solved problems in the past is also important to know - history has its own symbols and clues to getting along.

As for the healers of this life – there was a time when doctors were required to know all these aspects. Like collections of ideas, the starry constellations were called houses. As above so… say ah. There could be a pesky planet bothering you more than the vapors and the humors can account for.