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(zoh-moh baht)

Of gods and men, so of robots and pedestrians. Ray Bradbury's first short story made it into my eighth grade lit book. I dreamed that the story would end up on Twilight Zone. After that introduction to eerie glimpses of future worlds there was no stopping. I knew what my life's calling would be. Though I never set out to intellectualize my interests, for whatever reason, Sci-Fi started me off on a quest for universal truth and knowledge of the ways of the world. Sci-Fi, like symbolism, like art and poetry, all got the wave off from society at large in my day, THAT BALONEY. That stuff will rot your mind! Well, so far I'm not detecting any rot, just a need for vivid imagination and speculation about our seriously disturbing future.

I refer to Lucas's robot cops as Zomo bots because they remind me more of the Polish Zomo (riot police) during the communist occupation. Yes, there were actual Polish individuals in my living room narrating and translating the news stories of the eighties just as they happened. How else do you think I learned Tarot and Astrology? I was, indeed living with Gypsies and refugees, of course. They like my parents generation were not too thrilled with Sci-Fi metaphor and symbol - but their youngster was already reading Russian Sci-Fi.

I'm sorry to mislead, but this essay is not just about me. I want to reveal to you, the true movements of political twisting and manipulation of symbolism that goes on in the world. And, of course, it's not just the politicians who do all the manipulation. Enter the dragon: DEMOGRAPHICS, the science of population studies which covers the wants and dislikes of everyone in a cluster of communities that shares something in common. It should really be called cluster-fuck-ology, but I will not elaborate.

There is a somewhat new terminology called 'image tribe'. It sounds like a throwback idea, but in reality, it IS apropos, meaning: recently re-triballized or triballized people who have a similar image of themselves. Re-triballization is a Marshall McLuhan term  which applies more and more to the trend of the new socialization that goes on in the modern world. Also note: Gary Snyder's  - NEO-Tribalism, which is the ideology that human beings have evolved to live in a tribal, as opposed to a modern, society, and thus cannot achieve genuine happiness until some semblance of tribal lifestyles has been re-created or re-embraced. People tend to see themselves as part of a clan or tribe rather than as "the public" or "society at large", there really is no "everybody" anymore. There never was an "everybody". But, these image tribes pretty much run the world. A good example of such tribes are such groups as "MySpace", "Face Book", blog sites, websites galore, and to say: "they rule", is no exaggeration. They digest morality like a horse.

What does MySpace and Demographics have to do with police robots or the Zomo?
Again, there is no everybody, but the concept lives on. Supposedly it is up to everybody to run the world. This, however, is not happening. The World is being run by symbolism and the political regime that takes control of it. Your sense of symbols tells you what to do, and the local politicians decide what you are going to do when they wrench the local symbolism to their will. Yes, they put the screws to you by tightening your sense of symbol authority. Symbols have always told you what to do, how to behave and what to feel when the authority of the symbol speaks to you. Talk about your collective unconsciousness, this is it! Symbols of authority as crowd control. If there is an everybody, THEY are using it and using you to run stuff. A one horse control mode more fearful than any small town statue.

Some say the world is a collection of scared people, spooked by intellectuals and hippies, and who are further egged on by terrorists and mobsters. The scared seek a protectorate, a police or an army or both. The volatility is more obvious abroad than in the US, the give and take more newsworthy. Where ever you go there are confused markings, and territorial lines. While the US symbolizes homogeneity of borders and equality, the reality is far from realized. The experiment is doing better than other places, but there is much work to do. American terrorists are not new.

When robo-cops takeover it will be the final authority figures running and ruining our lives. They will be unforgiving and non-Christian. They will do what they do out of a global need to control the overwhelming population surge. Laws will serve an absolute ideal without regard to democracy. Of course, we in the U.S.A. have the political machinery in place to prevent this, but, true to form, such things never become an issue until it is too late to do anything about it. When I saw Michael Rene and his robo-cop, Gort, stop the world, I thought, "Oh, how simple". Give us an enemy everyone hates, and we'll do the right thing. War will be abolished. Aggression will be a thing of the past. Global aversion therapy will save us from ourselves. President Regan will get more statues.

Here I am shooting myself in the foot by touting the powers of occult symbolism and Sci-Fi, but these genre have a new if not misplaced nostalgia for modern 21st century human beings. These media have an authority by virtue of a movie going crowd that speaks to everyone. These are the EVERYMAN media of today's world. Though the price is more than "a pretty penny", it is an affordable admittance according to the demographic experts. Were we not so upward and mobile a people, the boom and bust economy would devastate all of us. But then, we expect everyone in the U.S.A. to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. That's the symbol everyone obeys.

In the book, GEN 13, an analogy of generation X, it is pointed out that the baby boomer's children of the 60's and 70's have always done everything for themselves without any expectation of help from anyone or any institution. That seems too ideal to be true and is probably only a partial reality. The American symbols are at least, hard at work here, but the truth is more mundane. As the Bible says, there will always be poor people who need help. The question is whether they need it or want it. A symbol such as American independence and power of the individual is one which energizes generations to release great amounts of will power and stamina to achieve their goals. Independence at such a price may take its toll and cause a breakdown - similar to the Communists breakdown of political and social will in 1989. The hardest thing to give away is want and need, yet they continue to be created, even paid for. 

Don't call me a harbinger of doom for the U.S.A. and our lovely societal democracy.
We ARE strong, as too many Presidents have proclaimed. Sarah Conner has not seen her 7th seal broken. The end is not written on the wall. The Temple Mount is well guarded. And, the end time scenario is not really unfolding, as much as I truly enjoy listening to Jack Van Impe say it is. Hark, it's all these symbols being evoked and being manipulated by both politicians and church leaders that has the world in its grasp. Pay attention: many of the squabbles that are taking place in the world have been going on for more than 7000 years, maybe even longer. Every now and then something takes place in the world that no one caused or had anything to do with, yet somebody somewhere decided to blame it on someone else. This is a synopsis of world history. If you become part of that misdirected symbolism you should not overreact. Politics is the science of not overreacting. We have a good system. We don't police misdirection.

If you are young and pissed off, please, go into politics. Use symbolism to inject good will amongst men. Even our global warming fiasco can be averted if there is a new belief in the power and capability of Science to help save the globe. We may not need a Gort or his messenger to avert disaster. The ship has already landed. Since 1970 the message has been getting through. I got it in 1951. It may only be a matter of overcoming laziness and apathy.  Put that wrapper where it belongs. Put that can where it can be reused. Energy is neither free nor something you can ignore. Of course, there may come a day when energy is free again, then what? I trust you youngsters will come up with a new image or metaphor to teach the world how to behave. Robo-cops not withstanding.

So How DOES Symbolism Work?