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APRIL 2016

National Poetry Month

Another Ink Squib Poetry Session (in progress)

Ink Sessions Index

 (Interactive research material for people who have never written a poem
 and maybe shouldn't. The links (to be added) will take you to something
 similar that I DID write. More links are being spawned as NaPoMo progresses.)

Brought to you by GAS-FREE CLOUD when you want to download the latest
clam free, gas free Sci-Fi media , totally free, no hokey-pokey
                                           Let our guys brainwash your guys with gas free Internet content

 Things you or I may or may not write about this year include:

  Biblical News 2016:

    Covenant Rainbows on the rise
    Seven basic emotions identified as sinful
    The First Thing Church of Poetic Justice Founded
    Church of Narcissism recently founded
    (not to be conflated with Card Carrying Narcissism)
    The dark end of time is not a revelation 
    Slanting Light has a more personal meaning
    Sand Gas sets off burning bushes & IPOs 
    First Pew of the Rays of Dawn Church founded today
    Full Disclosure by Church of the Byzantine Process ordered
   This Just In:

     Stupor Tuesday
     Frequent Prayer Miles available
     Bureau of Statistics: Lives count on paper
     Blanched Knuckle Discount Available
     Live, from the Cuss Word channel
     Vesuvius Announces My Birth Nov. 1944
     Sand Gas Offsets Global Warming
     Cybernoia declared rampant mental disorder
     Drive the Car, Relocate the Trailer Home
     Gambling for Robes in the Senate Chamber
     US: founded on 200 yr. old doc written over candles and rum
     Corp Dem Whores gives whores a bad name
     Bolt Blister, reporting
 Shows we'd like to see:
Cacophony of Echoes
  Grand Theft I. P.
  The Snooty Pooty Show
  Victory No-Show channel
  The Nasal Voiced Kvetch Klub
  SLAPPED: Killer Couplets
  Law & Oil
  The Eclectic Drivel Hour
  The Man Who Was Thursby
  Debates: the NEW Screamin' Show
  NY Values on Fire
  Click Bait on Trial
 Scandalous Shows:
    Threadbare and Bushed-out 
    Parnell and the Peanut
    Rabbits, he said!       
    Shocking New-Age Metaphors
    Fornaco  ( eight million stories from the naked training camp)
    Mother Didn't Know Life was Short...
    But Had an Affair Anyway
    Self destructing in place
    How to End Global Remodeling
    Spartacus Downwind
    Heroes Endure Cartoon Likeness of Being
    The "Bomb the shit out of " Show


   Warnings and Threats:

     Mobots! Momentum Junkies
     Bare ass burn making bees weak in the knees?    
     Our bodies are angry with us
     They know what we did last spring
     Commercials begin the second we are born
     Air Conditioning: Don't Drink the Water
     Moon Water is Safer to Drink
     Warming that Goes Bump in the Night
     Around the Corner from Touch and Go
     The Lead: Flint Water Mobs
     Learn to live without cars
     Build it and no one will come
     Sir Launfal's Lesson: Don't Out Your Pagans
     Walpurgis' Lesson: Wait for an Invitation
     Mayan Lesson: Don't Set Dates
     Voyager's Lesson: Don't Invite the Neighbors
     Ditto: Don't Pose Naked For 'Em Either


How I survived my worst best thing
   Around the World without a Clue
   Tasting Exotic Insects
   I Never Fingered the Port Holes on Grampa's Buick
   Sexual Fixations on 50's Automobiles
   When History is Nothing but Roving Eyes
   History as Witnessed by a Global Computer
   Are You Over Me or Am I Beneath You?
   Internet of the Mind
   Harmful Effects of Disproportionate Laugh Tracks
   Fun with Rotund Rulers
   Eyes Wired Cloned


    Big Red Floral Coverall  
    Coming out of the closet with classic knock-offs
    All the rage closet collection
    The Lost World Fashion Statement   
    Fleece Market Remake
    The Sofa Look
    Flattened Beer Can Prints
    Thongs That Don't Suck
    Roar Shock Riot Runway
    One Word for Older Men: Elastics
    Dinosaur Prints,
Cretaceous without boundaries
    Thru the Microscope with Alice
    The Swamp Water Collection
    Whale Tooth and Krill Design
    Up Close and Long Overdue

  Experimental Films:

  I know What You Did to Those Animals
Zero Degree Interior Monologue
All You Left Me was Your Sperm

  Smile like your Buick's Baleen Grin
  My First Baleen Grin (not a Buick)
  Buik Lisa (Become the Fox)
  A Man Walks Home Naked
  A Family Leaves Home Naked
  Several Nations Walk Around Naked and Broke
  Infernal Combustion Apocalypse, tow trucks are idling 
  When All Cars are Banned, Total Recall
  Like my band: Random Bowels

 New National days:

Get Busy Day
  Live Without Paper Day
  Gloat Day
  Avoid Peanuts Day
  Our Common Home Day
  Bit Moji Day
  Classic Noir Day
  Low Tech Day
  Carbonic Acid Day
  No Car, No Parking

  Omnimedia Altered Egos & Ids


   Self Help Books:
    Thinking Outside the Wormhole
    Contraceptive Ideology for Dolts
    How to keep your place during echoes
    Leftover dimensions for bang theory fans
    Curling up with extra dimensions
    Room-oid-"overly interior decorated"
    Non Roomoid Elephant
    Going Dark for Dolts
    Self Destruct In Place on a Budget
    Free Food for Dolts Without a Budget
    Low heat (oil drum) cooking off grid
    Keep a Promise or Just Make New Ones
    You Win the Pool, pump, filter and ladder
    New Slogans:

        Who's your data?
        Rock, Peanuts, Paper
        Roses Don't Smell
        Be More Beefened
        Sugar Bomb Fairies can't be stoppped
        Grow More: Support Your Local Pantry 
        Remember the XT  
        Don't Throw Away Your White-out
        The Busses are Rolling
        Sextraneous circumstances 
        Burp and Flirt like it's 1958  
        Stay Home, Watch it on TV
        Food Fight for 15  
        Toke and Poke like its 1969   

 Names For Cruise Ships:

       Bermuda Reef
       The Captain Obvious
       Gem of the Ocean Light Show
       The Columbus Osceola
       Pot Luck Cruises
       Royal Lak-a-poku
       The Overseas Alternative
       Neptune's Out to Lunch Buffet
       HMS Classic Noir Festival
       The Pan Horus
       The HMS Hoarfrost
       The Deck Ice Snow Fest
       The Frost Giant
       The Glacial Penguin
       A Hide-Away-Cruise
       Spit of the Sea
       The Fornacopia
       The Pan Global Warming Tour
       The Deck of Fuels
       Chunk of the Ocean
       The Isle of Lesbos
   Known Sci-Fi clams
    Attack the Geriatrica !
    Anything ending with "on the moon"
    Creatures fighting over our water
    Using Dark Matter for Criminal Intent
    Using Dark Matter for World Peace
    Using Dark Matter to Mystify a Sci-Fi Title
    (but I like the series, please bring it back)
    Sci-Fi Elements: Non-Existium
    Un-untitled, now read the book
    Billy and Bobby Save the Planet
    After Donald and Ted Destroy It
    Attack the Politica !
    Crossing Through the Rubble Zone
    Revolt in 3982
    Feminist's Revolt 2021!
    Hunger Competitions: Grab Apple Raids
    The Farce Bites Back
    The Gleaner Games
    Dumpster Games
    Life After Garbage 
    Insidious Info - Death by Data
    Classic Noir - Life Between the Cracks
    It Came of Science
    Twenty-Eight Pages Later
  Eclectic Interest - Future Articles:

  Ice Racing on Quaour   (kwah'-war)
  Musk Maidens of Mars
  Stravny - a central European Literary Digest
  Ancient Futurists
  The 2049ers
  Eating Comet Dust
  After the Fly-By 
  Global House Warming Gone Amuck
  Pen and Pad Follow-up
  What-you-just-heard Recap
  Man Vs Firewood
  Panel Screaming shows
  All purpose Androids on Demand  
  Future *Anthropocene archeology - flattened beer cans, abandoned cars?

*  (
The An'thropocene' is a proposed epoch that begins when human activities started to have a
  twisted global dark time impact on the Earth's ecosystems)

  Next Year's Resolution of Forces
                             Iron Dancer Babe: when the latest screw-bot comes out,
                             I want one just like this, "Fuchsia 2020" .




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