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"Music of the Spheres" after Garforias    ©Jimmy Warner Design


I don't know how important it is for a beginning

musician to learn CHORD THEORY because the idea did not

enter my head until I was sixteen and I had already

been studying and playing the clarinet for ten years.

Either no-one felt it was important to mention, or

it was considered much too advanced and complex

for young minds to comprehend.


*  *  *

One winter night while on a bus trip to New York

amid a terrible snow storm, sitting in the aisle of

the bus on my suitcase, I turned to a musician friend

who was accompanying me to a gig and I asked,

"What is a chord?".

He, of all people, a drummer, answered,

"Got a minute?"

I said, "it looks like we'll be here for hours judging by the storm."

"That's enough time to teach you the entire chord theory," he responded.

I was an audience of one on my way to an exciting

gig in the Big Apple, wide awake, and nothing that night

seemed boring. The drummer, *Wilson and I were on our way to

his uncle's wedding reception to play music. Life was awesome.

*The character Wilson is a real person, not the volley ball

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