Cut me in as the wild-eyed gambler

put in motion a myriad of wild cards,

free me from the maze of creation.

Let science choose her incarnation.


Thunder wakes me from overslept freedom

brings us under a movie-throng marquee

uncovering a vast range of loving impulse

risking the spell of the blinking yes-no neon.


Highway of feeling or prison of ‘unless’,

are we to be at home with the infinite

cavorting in the dark shadow of oak trees

or dancing through the peat bogs?


When you feel the keystone above the door

on the edge of nature’s charitable urges

you see from the bar & grill window

how poetry makes another pointless why.


Science will strive to prolong life,

extend our winking and twinkling

or rejuvenate our foot-bath delight.

What doctoring angel can cope

with new potions flowing from cup to cup,

the same time, overlooking inspired moments

of the unnamed or the unsaved.


Rhetorical surgeon of slice and dice

deliver a breakthrough deliverance.

Hold up signs in the breakdown lane

lyrical triumph, truth serum overdose,

show us the tender postmortem,

the saxophone solo of conscience.



ŠJimmy Warner Design, 2016