Volume 26

Ending Life on a Beautiful Note

Donít be alarmed by platitudes or
Bleak ironies where, alas Monument
We choose an asteroid like a prince or
A little princess with matching pistol,
Lean on great, gray stones and visit
Our future in progress, details at 11.

Itís more than bugle calls or ringtones
A stronger song than swans bemoan,
Notes you end on are well composed,
Brave new justice for your just deserts.
Be it hasty retreat or planned for months,
Does it matter which bullet you insert?

Ending on a note eludes the best intent
Underscores what we meant to say by
Over played drama and a last minute
Exit where the orchestration was left
To poets come lately and fewer than
Expected mourners absent on vacation.

Perhaps the great, gray stone was not
Your choice, nothing you would ever
Care about, a reworded wizened sage
Carved into your mouth denoting a
Passage you never wrote or spoke,
Quatrains from someone elseís quote.

Better to end on silence, let nature
Recover, make sense of your rubble,
And not leave strains to be replayed,
No encores or curtain calls for soloists
To horn in on, recreating a lost chord
By which to cart you off in cardboard.



©Jimmy Warner Design, 2016