VOLUME 9-2   Zodiac Series   TABLE


Only an artist thrashing around in his hopes and doubts
would seek out, and in passionate partnership,
take on the psycho-test, look forward to a feast of feedback,
read out the roster of person-parts stored in his closet,
clear up the count of demons still left in his trove chest.

In my adolescent school-days unencumbered by the task
I poured over neural bounds and pie-chart pieces
where I fathomed my depth, --- and the sunken treasure
hauled to the surface roared out that number of my
measureless inner beast, still hunkered down on-all-fours.

What I learned from bar-graphs and forms, I went on
to enjoy in other kinds of search, in barrooms and dorms,
in garage bands and night-clubs, sideshows and stages
where all humanity came in after sunset to shed the world
and let go the truth of the ages they clutched tight inside.

There is more to the silent symbols we try to become, a
deeper image than the scattered gleam in a backlit cave,
much stronger forces that drive people to despair and glee,
where researchers, analysts and computers can’t agree;
a person is a private creation that only his mind can save.


ŠJimmy Warner Design, 2016