Volume 15

Quť Surreal, Surreal


Sometimes love is backwards,

An unlawful combatant, a matter of rigor.

Another new moon in Aries,

Does it mean cut and run

Or recommit to the battle?


Gaunt mistress of camera land or

Buxom babe in a wide hat,

She wants to know if youíll be her

Tuesday guy, give first hand reports.

Donít sweeten the news, you gotta

Tell her you canít  follow orders,

That we donít live in that world anymore ,

You tend to panic and follow your beliefs.

Just pile the naked bodies

In front of their cells,

Crouch down in the picture  and

Smile that thumbs up smile,

Everyone will think its funny until

The police come to arrest the police.


But, blaming the actions on rank and file is

Like blaming 9-11 on bad phone service.


Or rain, hell, blame it on the rain,

All the stuff the farmers put on the fields

Ends up in the bay, killing something, everything,

So they blame it on the rain.


Blame it on six thousand years

of anal retentive law. Somethingís gotta give.

As Dr. Zimbardo says,

"Itís a Mardi Gras Scenario."


Tuesday Guy,
Fat, No Beads

©Jimmy Warner Design, 2016