Volume 26   Lucid

Song Looking for an Ending

As morning light began to fill the world
I knew that I was blind, but now could see,
impaired no more, looking broadly, closely
at whatever I went without so terribly long, 
not the seeing, but the will to look, explore
in depth, my sole intent, my joy, my song.

Grateful to experience an extraordinary
light I only thought existed in epic dreams
and areal dazzle, epiphany, I thought may  
visit gloomy lives, but never mine, not
until I chose to enter the surgeon’s room,
close my eyes, leave darkness in the past.

People were new today, vastly different,
all sentient beings bristling with energy.
This must be heard not kept to myself,
despite my sounding, resounding cliché,
there ARE new dawns on bold new days,  
indigenous details with old potted crocks,

spots on dogs, leaves in tall green glory,
wispy nimbuses of exhaled stories that
stop and drift, fade with nightly sparkle.
Everybody said to enjoy my day. So the
evening and the morning were the end of   
a dark saga, brightly sung my own way.


©Jimmy Warner Design, 2016