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 CARD NAME MEANING  (Major Arcana, Serious)                  22 ArcanaJ W D
Tarot BasicsRyder-Waite
 The Fool Risk, adventure, child-like, on the path unprepared, human

 The Magician

 Personal power, you have all the tools, you can do it

 The High Priestess

 Hidden influences, inner savant, you already know the answer

 The Empress Mother / fertility, abundance, earth-mother, compassion
 The Emperor Leader, self-master, authority figure, father, husband
 The Hierophant

 Spiritual purpose, creativity, science, stirred up

 The Lovers

 Pure intentions, a choice to be made, contemplation

 The Chariot

 Duality, speed, happens fast, others come first, control  


 Self-discipline, strength of character, achievement   

 The Hermit The need for solitude or counsel, thought process
 The Wheel of Fortune New chapter of life, things in flux, movement, new chance
 Justice Legal victory, contracts, solutions, lucid & well organized  
 The Hanged Man Sacrifice too great, no control, waiting, need a new angle 
 Death Change, transformation, leave behind, need info, fear not  
 Temperance Patience, co-operation, harmony, easily flowing energy       
 The Devil Sexual pressure, manipulation, facing fears, hidden agenda, AA
 The Tower

 Unexpected structural breakdown, chaos, change, new philosophy

 The Star

 Inspiration, hope, the possible dream, right direction 

 The Moon

 Deception, hidden agenda, intuition, instinct, the dark, fem

 The Sun Positive male energy, happiness, joy and success, glasnostic 


 Karmic justice, what you deserve, good-bad, already happened 

 The World

 World at your command, daily success, winning, comprehension 


 The Page of Cups

 Water (Can Sco Pis) emotional message, love offer, child

 The Page of Wands Fire (Ari Leo Sag) spiritual message, phone / letter
 The Page of Swords Air (Gem Lib Aqu) spy, liar, gossipy message, reputation
 The Page of Pence Earth (Tau Vir Cap) physical message, gift, generosity  
 The Knight of Cups Pisces, poet, romantic, sensitive/good lover, marriage proposal
 The Knight of Wands Sagittarius, new challenge, aspiration, surprise, fast mover 
 The Knight of Swords Gemini, impulse, verbalizing, leap before looking, quick to help 
 The Knight of Pence Virgo, calm, practical, humble servant, steady, tangibility  
 The Queen of Cups

 Scorpio, penetrating emotion, intuitive, inscrutable female 

 The Queen of Wands Leo, arrogance, loyalty, advisor, business woman, together
 The Queen of Swords Aquarius, volatility, detachment, sharp tongue super bitch
 The Queen of Pence Taurus, perseverance, physical appreciation, lady w/ money
 The King of Cups Cancer, helpful, homey, wise counseling, emotional mentor    
 The King of Wands Aries, impulsive, ideal, new energy, leader, businessman     
 The King of Swords Libra, charming, authority Dr, / Atty., incomplete, a smooger 
 The King of Pence Capricorn, status & $$, mover-shaker, steady, reliable  

 MEANING (Emotion, Marriage, healing)
 The Ace of Cups New feelings, relationships, springtime event if outcome
 The Two of Cups

 New partners, strength of commitment, iffy beginning, toss up 

 The Three of Cups

 Celebration, rejoicing, unbroken circle, hope for future      

 The Four of Cups

 Too focused, boredom, resentment, out of the blue 

 The Five of Cups

 Have-not syndrome, regret, lost satisfaction, wasted emotion

 The Six of Cups

 Childhood memories, past effort, homeward thoughts, regression

 The Seven of Cups

 Illusions, over-choice, unappealing options

 The Eight of Cups

 Emotional retreat, letting go what you don't need, healing

 The Nine of Cups

 Think you got it all? wish come true, knowledge as a gift

 The Ten of Cups

 Something wonderful! Contentment, children, borders on too much

 MEANING (Spirit, Energy, inspiration)
 The Ace of Wands  Beginning of growth, energy, inspiration, action    
 The Two of Wands

 Casting seeds, good start, wait because you don't know enough

 The Three of Wands

 Reaping benefits, a plateau, waiting for your ship to come in

 The Four of Wands

 Harvest home, wait, missing info, appreciation, not fully aware

 The Five of Wands

  Sham fight, struggle, petty, defensive, much ado about nothing

 The Six of Wands

 Victory, public acclaim, promotion

 The Seven of Wands

 Stiff competition, determination, standing your ground

 The Eight of Wands

 Progress, spring love if Feb/Mar, speeding away, get ready

 The Nine of Wands

 Strength in reserve, recovery, you know better, poor judgment 

 The Ten of Wands

  Too heavy a load, danger of greater loss, consolidation

 SWORD  MEANING (Intellect, Logic, Communication)     
 The Ace of Swords  Beginning of conflict, good from adversity, repetition, Autumn    
 The Two of Swords  Tied up by thinking, standoff, tension, negates card pointed to    
 The Three of Swords  Sad lovers, bumpy relationships, catharsis, 3 alternatives     
 The Four of Swords  Back into action soon, introspection, r & r card    
 The Five of Swords  Winning unfairly, swallow pride, tricks, poison leaches out    
 The Six of Swords  Change for the better, move to calmness, could be rocky ride    
 The Seven of Swords  Needs indirect action, influence not demands, diplomacy    
 The Eight of Swords  A no-win situation, self-made prison, accepting on faith alone    
 The Nine of Swords  Mountain out of a mole hill, depression, insomnia, aging    
 The Ten of Swords  End of a painful state, reality check, revelation, brain-drain    
 PENCE  MEANING (Physical, Financial, Health)     
 The Ace of Pence  Beginnings of money, help with new endeavor, Winter if outcome    
 The Two of Pence  Rob Peter to pay Paul, harmony through flexibility, lengthy    
 The Three of Pence  Paid for work, final touch, not fully appreciated, professional    
 The Four of Pence  Scrooge / fearing loss, holding on, message from a distant city      
 The Five of Pence  Dark night of the soul, losing faith in life, ruby slippers    
 The Six of Pence  Justified giving, faith restored, harmony, universe provides    
 The Seven of Pence  Security vs new opportunity, decision, smelling the buttercups    
 The Eight of Pence  2nd time around career, learning a new trade, starting over    
 The Nine of Pence  Personal independence, efforts pay off, person of leisure    
 The Ten of Pence  Big bucks, family money, security or dependence, inheritance      

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