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1. His Sky-god Assertions and Vision

His scanner reads your analytical breakdown

Yet he has the firm dislikes and opinions of a

Much older man, ancient CEO of the universe,

Married to a temperamental astrologer, Urania.

His honoring planet, recently discovered was 

Nearly named George, by a telescope maker,

Planet of unexpected change and humanism,

Way out orb of invention and modern science.

The pale Water bearer dispenses a rare gift

Of essence that flows freely and evenly to all.

An old wintry man who continues to bear

The nipple of creation, the symbol of giving,

Universal thought, and wisdom streaming

In from the far flung future of the world.

His wavy lines represent an ankle-deep

Involvement with actual life, a charge you get

From his rain cloud approach and suddenness

As he arrives in a crackle of arc-blue strata,

Your only hope, your dream, your friend,

Pointing ghost-like … and everyone looks up.

A humanitarian, concerned with larger issues,

Detached when it comes to his own humanity. 

2. A Connoisseur of the Hidden Flaw

“Do I uncover flaws that you can poke fun at?

Yes I’m Intolerant of people's short-comings

But how wickedly sarcastic and humorous,

I am THE party dude, but not much on love,

My close ties break down like Morse code.

Prone to leaky valves, ginger ale in the limbs

Shin plasters and sprung ankles, medically

Incorrect veins and hardening of the arteries,

I’m really a Wednesday kinda guy, late rising

Can sense fire in an amethyst: and use it to 

Probe faithfulness in love and see presentments.

Electric blue skies fill all of my tomorrows.

Heavy leopard throat orchids hover in my Eden,

A new world powered by hammers and uranium

Crisscrossed by gliding birds with huge wingspan.

A true eccentric I never make fun of your friends.

I get into weird situations, take up with oddballs,

Become a target of attack by the narrow minded.”

3. His Paradoxical Role

Lively friends come and go too easily,

Your quick wit resembles an educated Libra,

Painting word pictures that amuse and fascinate.

You already know the topic you want to discuss

Rather than those lame topics of your friends.

Always the originator of buzz-headed ideas,

“Modern” is a religious word, others must kneel.

Self-content, your soul is near completion.

As you nurture and patronize art and science.

But there is a dark side to your flair for sparkle,

Inheritance and fortune operate like fly paper

In life, fame and achievement like elevators.

The Wheel of Fortune and The Star direct you.

You are the indispensable focal person for a new

Social club or movement with cold blue idealism

Staring at everyone from your double-wide forehead.

You fidget while talking, fold papery things while

Thinking and chew your tongue using scissors.

You want the world to be happy, conflict is upsetting.

You look for the best, hopeful about the future.

Despite a reputation for fairness, your inflexible nature

Makes you short with those who don’t dig your ideas

You do not play well with the peasant class,

Intolerant of weary oppressed people who travail.

You enjoy other people if you can Intellectualize.

Your nervous tick will have folks teetering on tip-toes

Securing valuables from your Richter leg jitters.

You run the gambit of anxious disorders from moody

Reserve to a spirit of adventure that tends to wear thin.

You shun intense emotion like a deadly disease.


4. An Unpredictable Yet Idyllic Life

Comfortable by middle age, friends are helpful

Both in your career and personal matters.

You are the lanky logger looking type, independent,

A reforming spirit, versatile and best when unrestricted.

Rebellious, unpredictable, tactless, eccentric, contrary,

Rather pace the lobby than watch the movie of your life.

Dreams or goals are transparent, there’s no tomorrow.

If the sun comes up it is a creative act in which

Your stage is set for another comedic day of errors,

And domineering every scene surrounded by friends 

Is a bright touch of genius in all your thinking.


©Jimmy Warner, 2016


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