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I. His High View

A man-size crackling fire is

Able to leap up with optimistic

Energy, breathless, forever new.


It’s tensions are nearing

High tech Armageddon,

With accidental aggression unbound,

Restless, changing, moving

Toward the high view of a climber.


He’s the sure-footed idealist in-charge,

Everything head-first from his rugged brow,

The bruised face on a querulous era,

His body built for adventure

And all the risky steps of the Fool.


He will end up in the ravine

Or caught up in Zen dizziness,

Foolish and human,

Walking the living gauntlet.


II. His Acting Role

“I am the most powerful person I know”,

He says. “Like what I like, look me in the face

And want what I want, dream as I do,

Interpret the whole world through me.

I don’t think I’m asking too much!”


“I strike out on my own

because no one can tell me

what I’m capable of doing.

Aptitude is illusion, hard work is all.

From desire to fulfillment

Everything takes courage.”


“I am ace, beginner of beginnings,

With no wooly brow to blind me,

A mountain path promise leads upward

In spirit or downward to plough strain,

And the beginning of another conflict.”


III. His Drama Catches You Up

You run with the high-strung

Senses alert, expecting people to obey.

You’d rather climb up a chimney fire

Than listen to one more personal opinion.

All your views are known:

They are the branches you swing from.


You were born into this world of spiritual fire

Where you believe you will incubate for eternity

Until one with the universe or burned to fly ash.


The chase beats the prize, but not the gift.

You will hack out your own lean-to

Before enduring the communal bivouac.


You only have time for answers.


You are the fork in the road everyone comes to,

The ultimate emergency and instant resolution.

Like a steam vent, you work well under pressure.


In moon fire, you are tiger, bed lion,

Show-off charming, instant sensuality,

Gasping for kisses and caresses.

Your wild moon decisions are forceful

And life-changing, swaying others

With vulcanizing, cataclysmic passions.


IV. The Chorus Falls In

If there is a dark spot in your stars

It will be that elusive partner

Unwilling to join with you in flaming complexity,

More complex than words can describe.

Your friends agree, you like them complex, too.


Relationships do not seek your

Wildly beautiful deserts, fiery hillsides,

Or scorched earth policy. And yet,


The chorus chanting away all this time

Is content to dance around your wand,

Bathing in the firedrops of your poem.  

©Jimmy Warner, 2010


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