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1. Her Curious Views

Instinctively the moonlight

Brings out the creature in her,

The sniffing, sensing detective.

She is highly defensive, a born

Tactician, eye stalks follow you,

Back fins anticipate your moves.


Nervous away from home she wears

Her force field of the gods,

Her stealth helmet and jet pack.

She knows how to use the complex

Mirror-shield of art as well as

The carpet knife of jest and wit.


As the moon rolls across gracile

relaxed limbs, her self-powered

Soul guide sends and receives,

Answers a universal question:

What is my culture. my mythology?

Is it on sports, news or weather?


2. Her Domestic Role.

"My bed is rumpled, the rooms

Are homey, comfy, tidy, sweetly

Graced by lace and quilt, a place

Where afghans gather snuggly. 

Yes, I need my hearth, my home,

Filled With kids and cats and kin.

But, I will carve out the rudest

Hollow, the meanest niche to mate,

To rear my young in seclusion. "


"The childhood fragrance, the flash

Of nostalgic emotion holds me,

Lets me intuit, explore a mood,

Makes my imagination vivid, wild

With romantic energy and desire.

But, home can be boring, diversity

Livens the party, stirs feelings,

Heightens awareness, a snappish

Temper, the unintended offence;

Fine Tunes those touchy issues."



3. For Whom The Mood Swings

Your dark moods will pass

If you preserve your hideaway,

Cherish your inner sanctum,

And listen to your healing soul.

Moon shadow like a snake is

Always shedding, always being

Born again, rejuvenated. Claws

Retract, your shell comes off,

A tender body waits to harden,

Mates beneath a shifting moon.


Love is not enough for you,

It can't be trusted, you're not

The idol of devotion, not the

Perfect diva free of guilt or

Worthy of constant adoration.

Your home and work duality is

Stressful to a feeling person,

Grating on the sensual one.

An emotional trial awaits you

As love deepens and possession

Intensifies to a sacred rite.


Delicate poetess, easily hurt,

Unrelenting tester of faith, 

You judge by your own example.

Take pity on the same poor me.

You must fall down love's back

Stair before your true love

Calls from his royal balcony.

Personality glows like moonlight

Once your love light is secure.


4. Image That She Re-invents

Dual roles are the only hope,

The disparity of appearances

May drive you under a rock

For part of the day or night.

Your inviolable private home

Appears unoccupied, empty,

Except for a display of the

Imaginative persona you wear

As you leave for work or play.

Key to your security is the

Aqua mirage you draw across

Your all too painful garage.


©Jimmy Warner, 2016


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