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1. Their Intellectual Views

Lively conversation picks up

Despite a high wind rising

As the birds call and head inland.


All hands, arms, shoulders, lungs,

Strain to control the uncontrollable

Volume of wind tearing at tents

And whipping the flaps of cabanas.


The twin figures stand, androgynous

Ringed with contrast, hard to tell apart,

One in silhouette against a brilliant sky,

The other bathed in normal daylight

Under approaching thunderstorms.


All humanity must pass between.

No one can shrink from the riddles and

Humor, nervous palaver and inquisition.

They wish to communicate one thought,

“That opposites are the same, death     <chant>

Is immortality and immortality is death.”  

                                                                 <end chant>

II. Their Dual roles

“We are the only ones we know who

Can be happy at being unhappy and

Unhappy at being happy, or both

Happy and unhappy at the same time.”


“A figure of twins, we are like a boxer

And a horse trainer who whispers.

We take our humanism as seriously

As our fickle fingered points of view.”


“We drive cars, fly planes, race chariots,

Become pilots shot from powerful artillery

From anything driven by heightened blue,

For the nympholeptos reach and beyond. “


“We are the doctors, lawyers, writers,

Broadcast journalists, caffeine cacophony

Of poets, musicians, and horse thieves

All rolled into one unrecognizable dude.”


III. Their Billows Fly You Unafraid

You are the gift of gab itself, the need

To get out among the people and speak.

You are the critic and kibitzer alike,

Both researcher and maker of snap! 

You are the cynics squirming in chairs

Mispronouncing the odd phrase in a

Language that you love to butcher,

The clinical sexologist who sends

Edgy postcards from the inner mirror,

Your whirlwind study of humanity.

Tweezing reality clean of all your 

Forgiveness, you bring to life a microbe’s

Eye view of dirt, and like an actor

You make clarity an obscene word.


But, because you are hypnotized by

Strange tongues and ancient culture,

Puzzled by love and understanding,

Drawn spellbound into a trance at

The specter of human life-force, and

Because you are stopped by moonlight

Like a cat watching a water spout drip,

Swayed like palm fronds in the wind, and

Because you need constant stimulus

And talk therapy, gossip columns to hold

Your brother-sister universe in place

Above your heads, -- mortals praise you,

Worship all that smart hand-jive, and

Jazz coordination they need to fly along.


IV. Religious Gaps In The Reasoning

You have scoured every book shelf and

Compendium of wisdom to achieve

Your fascinating intelligence quotient 

Without trying to judge or convert

Because wit and reason are your soul.


Like a lost spirit borne by the air you

Search for the elusive church of self-

Relevance and cosmic understanding.


You will not rest until you have shared

Your high blown knowledge with all

Who need to be lifted on novel colored

Wings, with feathery enfolding for the

Greater view of all one can ever know.  

©Jimmy Warner, 2016


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