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1. His Egocentric View

Like a lion's mane, a collar of rays

A fiery persona emanates, takes over,

dominates every social scene.


He keeps the spotlight for himself,

He is the spotlight, daylight, rain lights,

Pars and Frenelles, his searchlight

Follows the soul of self-importance.


Running lights greet or leave you

Seat you on the sideline, bench you

Couch you, keep you grateful

Just for a glimpse of him.

He mirrors himself because

There is no greater example of man,

No larger spirit to emulate.


The only choice in the gene pool,

He fights for the right to rule the roost,

And defends his stainless reputation.


2. His Dominant Role

"I am the good times rolling, masher,

Gate crasher, everybody's party guy,

Host of pleasures, great with children,

Never a dull moment, quick on the QT.


I'm a rubber room full of rubber bullets,

Always the bounce-back-buckaroo,

Watch the magic show, give me room,

Flames have no effect on me, Bucko.


You'll be glad you knew me, listen up,

Take my words to heart, luck rubs off,

Do what I do, be flamboyant, take a chance,

You only get to be egotistical once.


I am the largest ideal on planet earth,

Larger than a sunflower, stinking like a

Marigold, bugs won't even try to light.

I am the last cat you want to challenge."


3. His Creations Pleasure Us

Staring at your ruby talisman we see

Our injuries melt away, the backbone

Stresses disappear, the heart mend.

A serenity of mind persuades us

How to be, from your menu of banter

You choose the one you want us to be.

When you're with us you spin us round,

Point us in your floating directions,

Lion with eagle wings, old man winter,

Spring, a raging bull, all your seasons.


Ah, you're home for the holidays, antics

Representing all the pertinent spirits,

No amusement too ethnic, too esoteric,

Youth and aged alike are welcomed in,

Puppies and the pedigree soon go frantic.


Welcome theatre in the round, psycho drama,

Love doctor house caller, psychic teacher,

Matchmaker from hell, condescension unbound,

Heracletian furnace, harvest moon exuberant,

Broadminded beyond your own sphere of mind,

A ringmaster, circus entertainer, grab bag,

Goof ball, sheik of shine and shoe shinola,

Enough ego for twenty men AND your big cats.


4. Finding A Sacred Niche

One can never be all that you are 

Or all that you want us to be,

Yet you settle for being kept

On display, site for sore niches.


Bright sky can turn into summer storms

And the beach will scatter no matter

How delightfully you reign or beam,

No matter how much fun you want to be.


Pretending to be a homeless bon vivant

You're not faking it or putting on airs.

Outcast, you tom cats know deep down 

The number one cause for joy and despair.


Your last word on this? “My will be done.“


©Jimmy Warner, 2010


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