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1. His Changeable Views

Winds whistle to him “Find a partner,

Soon, soon, get to the inner circle,

Don’t be denied, become the insider.

Join the world wide network access

To the rosy, copper colored cosmos.


Mind over matter, hand over hand,

The doh-see-doh, the reel of hands,

Input the matter, further discussion, 

Never-mind over matters, deliberate

Or table this conversation for now.


Fair is fair in the lavender and blue,

Beauty always seeking her best light,

Rejuvenate an airy caprice romance.

Declare the cerebral syrup of love,

Forget the sauna and the kinky oils.


Love’s whispers are over his head

Beyond his candlelit presumptions.

Every amorous affair is an interview,

Hire a hall, the more the merrier,

Order more gifts, find that partner!


2. His Catalytic Role

“I am the harmonic balance in the

Cosmic order of things, the spherical

Music, the charming lyric, lightness

Of airy arts and ethereal expression.

I supply the endless castles of cloud

while you supply the mortar and brick

or the backside of labor and pains.

I smile across the sky itself and

Reason with serene justice, worlds

At my feet and right hand, diversity

And the human smelt works, blind,

Disabled, multi-racial, gay or not,

I take them into my law chambers,

Give liberties and judgments to all.

  I am the magic stuff in the laughing

Gas, the oxygenating catalyst that

Binds the disparate parts together.

Come and dine with us, admire

Symmetrical bones and polished

Manners, perfect my indulgence

With a novel treat, new tastes, new

Songs from each new chord I learn.


3. Charm To Calm Your Serpents

Like spaghetti wires in a gadget

Of the brave age techno jungle,

Nerve endings lie down with him

In wait for a smooge response,

That dribble of understanding

Produced unawares, your dutiful

Rapport and compliant nature

Newly fashioned out of thin air.

Call it seduction, he symbolizes

Sexual compatibility, clothes-off

Honesty. Feeling lucky, he knows

You possess something of value

That you didn’t know you had.

Flea markets, drop shipments,

Welcome to long-shot paradise,

Where phantoms flesh out skids

And pallets with usable goods,

Where reality and fantasy exist

In bubble form packing, beyond

Harsh right angles of solid truth.


4. His Unmanned Voyages

The Complex technical task of

Probing the love planet reveals a

World of multifaceted individuals

Stranded by divorce, unnerved

By malicious relational static and

Babble, the struggle to heal gone

Dark with data and purpose, too

Obscure to analyze with a careful

Ear or a watchful eye, a profound 

Smell of friendship roasting on a

Burning altar of twisted devotions.


When the right answers come are

Your prayers abandoned? What

Happens to the pain that creates

A new perspective? How do you

Wrestle with the forces you resist

In order to survive? Feather-heart

Must conquer all or die in the test.


©Jimmy Warner, 2016


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