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1. Her Watery, Wistful Imagination

A Lorelei from the planet of illusion,

Glamour, and beauty parlor deception,

She’s ready for her underwater close-up.

Her two fishes, tied together, swimming

Upward and down, signify hidden depths,

Poignant shifts of opposing desires,

And hyper extremes of temperament.

Underneath it all lies sullenness and

Disappointment with her mother and family.


She is a picture of tired human feet,

Soaking blisters and indestructible corns,

Beautifully shaped feet, sensitive, achy.

Prone to hazardous Ill-fitting shoes.


Her written symbol is designed to reflect

Two pizza moons connected by horizon:

Emotion and higher awareness, flat lined, 

Tied to a bed, limited by a material world.


But, she believes. Oh yes, she believes.

Tending to seek more spiritual values in life

Than are outlined by all the world’s religion.

Facts are only practical for material success.


2. Her Secret Sorrows and Self-Undoing

“Thank God Its Friday, between 2 and 6

I will fidget and finger my aquamarine

Pendant  to magnify my occult powers.

Defusing the serenity of my cosmic mind.

It protects me while traveling on the sea

Of love, its pale green cast and expanse,

Reminds me of Water Lily, sea foam and

Poppies, as Platinum Fish jump in the surf.


Take me to a party but don’t let me drink.

Unable to finish, unpredictable situations

Will lead me toward unbalanced people.

Careful that house at the end of the circle.

Gloomy limits have been put on my life:

Disappointments, accidents, trouble and

self-defeat unseen forces, secret enemies.

Escapism awaits me, asylums, hospitals,

and prisons, a house of karmic ache, debt,

Enough punishments for the world’s sake.”

3. She Walks from Planet to Planet

On the platform of the Sun you live in privacy,

Quietly meditating and reflecting each minute.

A few close friends share your understanding.

But in your seclusion you seek a lonely life.

On the moon you are sensitive, receptive,

Intuitive with people, while hiding your feelings.

Your insecure yet creative imagination needs

A retreat where you can bathe and meditate.

On planet Mercury your mind, self-absorbed, 

Works things out for yourself alone, worrying

over trifles and molehills, researching,

investigating the latest slanderous volley.

While on Venus, pleasure, my selfless love.

A rendezvous for a secret love affair.

Artistic and creative urges help overcome

An torturous marriage or sexual bondage.

Never alone on Mars your secret feelings rise.

You use your intuitive powers in relationships.

Men of action turn off your sexual nature, 

A perception filled with secret enemies.

Your luck expands on Jupiter, as spiritually 

Uplifting individuals feed your philosophies.

Like Liberty you walk, parting clouds with

Politically inspired thoughts in seclusion.

Planet Saturn bores you beyond words,

Disciplinarians limit any spontaneity.

You keep to the shadows, hiding fear,

Find your feelings hard to share, work

In a vacuum, living out your later years.

Uranus is a welcome humanitarian oasis  

Where unusual religions, and psychics

Help to free up your independent  thought,

Like being in a foreign country you are

subject to unexpected adversarial visits.

On Neptune you sleep off the effects

of other worlds where you create, meditate.

And develop your other-worldly personality.

4. Traveling to Pluto, cosmic beings ...  

Learn that no reward goes unpunished,

That secret sex Is better, never share emotions,

If all else fails, there is magic, and essoterica.

The reason for this saga looms in a past life 

Where you are a soul shopper who only finds

Damaged goods and ill-suited company, but

Now, you’re a stage comic, ready to go on.

©Jimmy Warner, 2010


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