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1. His Happy-go-lucky Views

Aspiring, distal rider, hair day from hell,

Narcissus with tin badge, crop and jodhpurs,

He arrives seeking new hotels and adventure,

Pulls star hitched wagon-loads of new hope.


King of the sky attitude, he digs comets

Streaming with hair, the manes of horses.

Good fortune, smiles eternal, optimistic,

Lets him take equestrian chic to new levels.


Directness personified, love can’t stop him.

A chilled breath before the hunting chase, 

Free-ranging, he aims wisdom tipped arrows 

High and away from pedestrian concerns.


All is colored by ideals and broad concepts,

Preachy at times with unattainable goals,

A bad advisor, no interpersonal expression,

Love if any, lives on delight and pocket treats.


2. His impossible role

“No freedom can be sacrificed for love or

Its melting pot of empirical trials and intrigue.

I am married to Hera, the wrong woman.

But my enthusiasm can explain anything.


Yes, hunk hips and thighs like pistons.

Got a thing for purple, but a sensitive liver

Susceptible to alcohol and to hepatitis.

But my outdoor sex chases keep me fit.


My Lucky  holy days are Thursdays

Between 5pm and 7, a turquoise bauble

Helps me attract love, protects me from harm,

And gives me the ability to see into the future.

To avoid accidents of fire and explosion,

I could easily run back into the building.


Welcome to the hotel of my exalted mind

A long and tedious journey to foreign lands.

Meeting foreigners expands my way of thinking.

I study all languages, know seduction lines. 

In fifty different tongues and weird dialects.”


3. He Knows You Know Everything

He goes where his thoughts take him,

Follows the crowd who knows what

He knows, the best places to go, knows

You know what he is thinking every time.


He is a sucker for public expression

Publishing and the grand literary effort.

Strong willed, his sense of self borders

On paranoia, attention doesn’t always

Cheer him on to success the same as a

Leather harness and the sting of a whip.


Nothing goes unexplored as he dares to

Touch the holy human reproductive cell,

Swan like beauty with a firm hand on the

Rounded bottoms of recurring inspiration.


He applies the philosophy of the restless

Like a difficult lover unable to deal with a

Momentary glitch, eyes glazed over by a

Greener pasture, a more splendid grass. 


But he will wave his fire wand and turn

Fool ideas into cash cows as he trots the

Line between killers and thieves, nobles

And the outright insane, firmly controlling

A safe handle on the reality he exposes. 


4. As With Luck and Jumper Cables

Luck usually needs a push, a shot of

Juice, beginners luck, money luck, luck

In a foreign country, dumb luck, or blind,

The luck of the carefree reckless Don Juan,

Seeking the pleasures of the optimist,

A higher life of genial wit; yet a critical tome

Could come back on the shield of dreams.

No one is prepared to give that much freedom


Before becoming bored with relevance

Does your ever changing self expression

Make you the ultimate religious heretic,

Unrealized and alone in a complicated world?


©Jimmy Warner, 2016


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