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1. Her Passionate Unyielding View.

Like an ancient nether world babe,

Boss of storage bins, the wealthy

And the dead, she rules revivals,  

The beginnings and ends of life.


A secretive, deadly creature, she

Poisons enemies with a fatal sting,

With a powerful weapon she keeps

Concealed in her thing-in-between.


Flaming Phoenix of ancient times,

Bird of immortality and regeneration,

With intense starving art dialogue,

She aims for higher consciousness.


2. Her Unbridled desires

“I am the hyper cope-aesthetic

And the soul of grand extremes,

I can sap you for my purposes

Or happily feed you to my pups.

My exotic lover’s bite is so rare

As to render the victim useless

Except for erotic responses, one

Screw-to-the-death automation.

Unless a pearl-gray topaz drives

My cult authority, brings peace, 

Protects me from my enemies,

I will irritate with ruse and ploy,

Jagged-edge temper, enrage

A mob to the point of violence.

Envying wealthy people I utilize

My eerie serene power to wait,

I collect nothing before it is time.

My crimson jealousy resembles,

A stir of bugs and crusty critters,

Poisonous flora, feral burgundy,

Silent maroon, fantasy fuchsia

Cold blooded Chrysanthemum

Dark Wintering Rhododendron,

The mystical abode of plutonium

Glimmering in secret chambers,

Half-glowing rods submerged in

Toxic control fluids and isotope.

Of course I’m hard to understand.”


3. She Penetrates the Rationale

People need spiritual alterations,

All that they inherit from the dead,

Leftovers of moldering worlds and

The wisdom of space-worthy souls,

All assets bequeathed by partners,

And their residue of tolls and taxes.


Curious and passionate dominatrix, 

Celebrity-girl underlies everything

A lively whirl beneath the surface.

Immense will-power and resolve

Like a she-wolf, clever, creative, a

Source of ideas and mental fertility.

Cool, rainy façade, always fixated, 

Looking for vacant spots in the mix.

Reassembling, tweaking the works,

Scene controller behind the curtain.


Conditions surrounding her death

Will be of public concern, bizarre,

Seemly and prophetic, as though

She’s ridden the spike and flat-line

Of brain surgery’s grueling recovery.

Ethereal powers, psychic aptitude,

These shady realms she rules with 

Unhealthy obsession, unaware of 

Her mind numbing, chain re-actions.


4. Though Spouses May Die

Hypnotic gaze, gathering data,

What potential mates are thinking,

Enchanting conversationalist,

The guy does most of the talking.

Lethal weapons at her disposal –

Ridicule, playing on fears, playing 

The winner, struggling to confess,

A secret love, a financial setback;

No one more victorious in the end.

Able to move in a new direction,

Despite a loss, enormous change, 

Spiritual death and rejuvenation.

Feudal walls and Communists fall.

Ideas of the past are swept away.

She channels man’s powers of

Destruction into beneficial use.


©Jimmy Warner, 2016


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