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1. Her Pragmatic View

She’s the navy and gray babe

Legs crossed, a karmic assistant

In charge of the 10,000 things,

Watchful, self-improving, just

The mental mercury to strive,

Upwardly mobile in both

Service  and repair, always

Remodeling the human clay.


Her stomach is tense, her nerves

Are nervous in the cubical of life,

Toes dusty from the women’s camp.

She has everyone’s issues at heart,

But without grim news to report

Her life would be unbearable,

She prays for the foreign.


Only the overseas correspondent

With his native idiom and know-how

Can overcome her self-alienation,

Her congenital virginity.   


2. Her Tragic Role

“I’m a lifer, glum and pert, camped out

In the office of health and survival,

Interfering, my tongue lashing out.


You regard me

In the changing light of a tyranny of suspense,

Like a storm front or a smoldering volcano.


You will never appreciate that

I am the perfect model of the world,

The practical answer to everything.


Though I’m no effusive gusher

I’m thirsty for your soulful remarks,

Your connection to my tragedy.


If you are anything like me, a clone

Of efficiency, keep on moving, scram.

I want your random improbabilities."


3. In Case Of Emergency

Trail mix, powdered milk,

Dried seaweed cakes stashed

In your desk drawers, that big one

Has a 50lb bag of brown rice

In case they drop the bomb

And you have to feed everyone.


No one knows how prepared

Or how domestic you are, or 

How much you count on opportunity

To give service and project strength,

After the comet, the outbreak,

The global disaster, no more nerves,

The war zone takes out all the kinks.


Dire straits will be the biggest

Kick in the teeth you ever got

But worth every minute,

The joy of masochism, pain

And suffering unchained, a draining

Melodrama of pitiful needs

And heroic sacrifices.


In case of emergency, break glass.


4. Soul Shopper

Poetic justice cannot be Medieval

enough, more bittersweet, more

heart-pierced with cherub arrow.

No dungeon can condemn you more,

Bury your life more deeply than 

Mothering earth, slithering soil,

The brickwork depths of self-control.

Your job is open, waiting, wherever

You go, the task schedule is full.

Employers totally depend on your

Effective way of getting things done.

Welcome to global bivouac, camp

Is where you make it, the office

Will never be the same without you.


©Jimmy Warner, 2016


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