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James L. Warner, Richmond, Va. BACKGROUND/ VITAE:    revised 12 / 09

JAMES L. WARNER is an artist, writer and musician living in Richmond, Va.

Born 1944, Richmond Va. Occupations: design draftsman, illustrator, computer artist,
HTML, ASP & VB programmer, writer, composer of pop and symphonic music.


1963 - 1964 Richmond Professional Institute School of Commercial Art.

1965 - 1968 Richmond Professional Institute School of Fine Art.

1969 - 1970 Boston University School of Communication. (Television Production)

1970 Virginia Commonwealth University bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Professional Shows (not as a student)

   Boston Studio School poster

Rose Art Museum, Brandeis Univ. Waltham MA. (Michael Philips curator)
Group show: Romantic Abstraction Oct 31- Nov28, 1971
Large canvas 10 x 27 ft. (oxide, ultramarine blue & ochre abstraction)

Acrylic Abstraction 1972

Biograph Theater show Richmond VA 1974 (Chuck Wrenn, Phil Trumbo
curator) 3 large canvasses 5 X 18 ft, 4 x 14 ft, & 3 x 8 ft. 

Bvau 1975 2nd prize

Hayden Gallery MIT, Cambridge MA
*BVAU Juried Show 1975, Works on Paper, 2nd prize, Judge: Nancy Spero
 (*sponcered by Boston Visual Artists Union)
2 poster size, acrylic on paper (red, blue and violet abstraction)

Cyclorama BVAU Invitational 1975
Large canvass 5 x12 ft (multi-color abstraction using fluorescent paint and acrylic.

busy with drafting and weekend music 1978 -1998

  Beige Woods 1991
hundreds of landscapes but no shows for 30 years, see JW's 

  Infinite Ice Cream  found obj -  ice cream lid from studio floor
  recent shows in Richmond VA: art6 archives
  Group shows at ART6 Gallery, found objects and computer art, 2005 & 2007

   Henry Street Gallery, Works on Paper (paintings) and computer prints, 2007


After beginning on large
rolls of wrapping paper
spread on the ground and

photographing them
from 4th story windows and balconies, I went thru
periods where scale mattered and then didn’t matter. Wrote a paper on
why I paint large but a year later could not answer the question why do
you paint so large? I have found a way to create scale in smaller works.
Something Philips said could not be done, but retracted the statement
after seeing a series of 2x3 ft works on paper. One of which got 2nd prize.

I have continued to paint smaller works in landscape and portrait format
both figurative and abstract but usually with a wide stroke looking for a
A transient state of vision that suggests vastness but not high definition.
After all, the medium is paint and I prefer the medium to look like paint.

The New England beach series was not painted in New England and is
a direct result of a series of 4 paintings called Putting the Landscape in
Perspective, 2000. These are a repeat of a concept which began with an
interior representation of an typical living room scene – picture window,
front door and electrical outlet – which was my first painting in art school
1963. My consistency is so consistent that I often do stuff deliberately
Inconsistent in order to solve new difficulties and challenges.

See my painting gallery for collections of art over the years 


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