What I learned from this project
by Jimmy Warner


Photo By Jennifer Yane

What I learned from this project

 No one likes to read.

 No one likes meetings.

 No one likes to grapple with concepts , whether artistic or mundane.

 It is pointless to draw a line between art and reality because we cross.

 that line a hundred times a day and donít know it.

 Art is a profession that many enjoy but few can master.

 Art is as full of it as it is profound.

 The more you read into art the more you are apt to have a nervous  breakdown.

 Art movements are dead in a year.

 Projects take more than six weeks to prepare.

 People prefer to perform what they already know.

 A shredded play without boundaries is a concept that is as outdated

 as Pirandelloís Six Characters  and as challenging as a space walk.

 It is difficult to convince someone that art can be easy unless you

 show them pictures, words are useless.

 Artists are less likely to do conceptual art than ten people off the street.

 Ten people off the street will do conceptual art as long as you donít

 try to explain it to them.

 The significance of art is inversely proportional to its self-awareness,

 and yet conversely without a sentient art there wouldnít be any.

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