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Download Volume 18 TANGO43 Word Document

Printing information for WORD 2000, 2003:
There are lots of search pages on chapbook making if this isn't what you need.

Print cover separately on stiff (67lb.) white or buff card stock.

If you do not have the latest Word and or
do not have a double sided printer here's what to do.

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Copy and paste this A & B print schedule into your document's 
printer dialog 3) where it says pages: (from/to or separated by commas) 

If your old printer skips or double sheets use 24 to 28 lb paper.

Paste A list for side 1,  B list for side 2 after reloading.
I get less confused if I do B side first, but that's just my preference.


Do not turn, flip or re-collate the pages when changing sides.
The edge that emerges first will be the top of the reload,
the bottom edge will go back in the hopper first.
They will be in reverse order so just lift them and place them
back in the hopper with the blank side facing out.


Staple before folding -
twice in the middle, two inches from outside edge to end of staple.
Use a long reach book stapler or take to a copy shop.
Staple with cover, face up, on top, and middle of book facing down. 
Rough side of staples should be inside at the middle page of the book.
I made a plywood jig with cardboard sides to keep the work together.
Trim the book or take to a copy shop.

If you don't get it right the first time, experiment,
if I can do it anyone can.


Print Schedule for:  44pp, 11 sheet, chapbook

Copy and Paste this schedule into PRINT input box under pages.

A Side:

2, 43, 4, 41, 6, 39, 8, 37, 10, 35, 12, 33, 14, 31, 16, 29, 18, 27, 20, 25, 22, 23


B Side:

44, 1, 42, 3, 40, 5, 38, 7, 36, 9, 34, 11, 32, 13, 30, 15, 28, 17, 26, 19, 24, 21


Happy Chapping


Jimmy Warner Design 2011