May 27

Thank you for your e-mails, ideas and contributions.

The TANGO43 production is only postponed until further 
notice due to conflicting vacation schedules and the lack of 
available talent (not to mention a conspiracy to destroy it).

The writing will continue however, and some of the events 
will proceed as planned. Notify me RE:tango

Please understand that the tango-for-three dance 
numbers are NOT canceled and will be performed at the 
earliest possible time. Any questions notify me RE:tango.

There will be parts for reading on the night of Jul 1st at 
8:00pm. Those people who still wish to read for this event 
please notify me RE:tango. I need 3 readers.

Also, anyone who wishes to perform any music with me 
Jul. 1st please tell what you wish to perform. I can provide 
any accompaniment in any style in any key at any tempo 
you desire. Notify me RE:music.

The Tangoist Lives

May the Flux be with you