Prologue: Afterthought, Ergo Fluxus


If you blur the line between Art and Reality, do you need therapy?
If you make such a big deal about the distinction, are you nuts?
I like my drama off stage, masking reality, passing for art, maybe neither. 

Witness the human condition:

   The lover, the dreamer and the beast, all dancing together as one. They do not normally see one another as partners, though they feel the tug of one on the other. The chancy movement and direction is a mystery in the laughing matter zone.


I’m not afraid to acknowledge that this is my own condition, a poetically profound condition prone to mumbling and Tourettes-like outburst, laughable, obscure and not your average outlook on the human condition. It’s personal. With my muse, dreaming away, and my inner beast gnawing and lashing out, I, the lover of my life, proceed in the dance that most people are unaware they are dancing (their unseen partners laughing amongst themselves in a very private joke). I openly collaborate with my invisible partners and recognize each for my success or failure. It is not a waltz, nor do we move gracefully, but rather, we tango, not ballroom style, but awkwardly in a learning process. We will never stop learning.



A Tango for Three ...


   …is a metaphor alluding to the human condition which only a few disciplines are bold enough to confront: doctors, philosophers, therapists, poets, artists and the various inmates of the

Laughing Matter Institute of Barbed Wire Existence.


You laugh.


An afterthought often becomes a prologue, that is, WHAT I MEANT TO SAY before I got so caught up in the writing, creating and destroying myself on paper, or in this case, live on the Internet, in public, involving everyone in the process, friends, Richmonders, demons and all, well …


…everyone got lost, as well you should. You are too polite to participate. This ordeal is like trying to put a public dream and a private nightmare together in the same art form. They cannot merge with any semblance of rhyme or reason – although ART is what must prevail, and for that to happen, there must be destruction – the flipside of creation.


If this process is therapeutic for the artist, it is a fortunate accident, a happy discovery, therapy cannot replace art. Therapy can advance to become one’s art, but art and therapy are not co-equal processes and do not share their values.

Discovery (therapeutic self-discovery) is common to both disciplines, but therapy does not encourage the destruction of its artifacts, its evidence of discovery.


Therapy and art are two ways of promoting change, yet we should not destroy our inner partners in order to develop our sanity. We must be friends. Art, on the other hand might require many erasures before the drawing is complete. Fluxus, therefore, celebrates the birth of art through the equally valuable process of destruction and change. It is only one side of the mystery of creation and cannot support or sustain its own runaway urges any better than runaway creation can defend its undisturbed, unconstrained output. The two raving forces must give rise to a third with a human sensorium, balance, scale or proportion, both exuberant and profound, otherwise the outcome, the end product is only therapy, unable to tango.


Yours truly,


Jimmy Warner,

Director of the Laughing Matter
Institute of Barbed Wire Existence.