Purpose of

What began as the

Preparations for the Art6 Fluxus show 
July 1st, 2005


has evolved from Fluxuus, the art movement,

and from ideas put forth by Mitzi Humphrey and Dr Hobbs,

and a platform for my various metaphors (to be shredded)

to become the following:

  An open ended forum to express the talents of performers of Art6 gallery members and to make the general public aware of the many and varied kinds of performances put on every month at Art6 gallery, to increase not only the attendance of its members but the general public as well.

   I am hoping to have a mini performance at the gallery every opening night to advertise up coming events. How we do that is up to the members. But I would like to call this, Project Tango, and those who participate, Team Tango. Since I put together the Tango43 dancers, I would like to see that continue with a short rendition at 8:30PM every first Fri Art Walk.

  I think it will grab more attention than just me on the mezzanine noodling my jazz numbers. I t might help to have a public announcement over my sound system. I welcome anyone who would like to do that. Also I would like to invite anyone with talent who would like to perform something apropos to up-coming events. I leave that to the members although I reserve the right to evaluate and direct whoever is going to be up there on the mezzanine with me.

Thank you all for helping with this idea,
Your truly ,
Jimmy Warner