May 22

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I also think someone ought to be thinking about a tango box 

and an anti tango box to be auctioned off in the middle of the show.

pro and anti hats, armbands, propaganda leaflets etc T-shirts


just a suggestion



May 22

From Mitzi

I just read your tango blog with great interest. Fascinating fluxus! Tom is reluctant. I assume he will be one of the audience plants.

What would you think about my excerpting from the blog, enlarging the excerpts, perhaps laminating them or putting them on one continuous sheet and making them part of "The Paper Shredder" show? 

After all, the Paper Shredder is where people are going to destroy secrets. One way of destroying secrets is to make them no longer secret! 

How betrayed would the bloggers feel?


May 22

Please add this site to your desk top favorites so you can go there every day and check progress on the plans for the show.

Fluxus to me is a totally self subscribing, self-relevant act of anti-art

A deconstructed art project that does everything it can to destroy its art value and yet on the surface it looks researched, crafted and important.

I set a theme to have something to go away from.

A tangoist is someone who likes the tango theme.

An anti-tangoist is someone who is ok with tango but not the threesome or the moral issues I have suggested. 

I heard the Black Swan writers wanted to contribute a play

There may not be enough writers to do a play so I suggested one.

Understandably no one wants to flesh out someone else's play

The writers also do not know what Fluxus is 
or why you would destroy your own art. 

I offered you some perfectly good art to destroy, go ahead and destroy it.

I'm waiting for things to add to the script for you to destroy , however you can only destroy so many things in one night.

May 22

to Jennifer
I chose tango because I thought it would evoke a strong reaction, for and against, it's foreign, titillating, some would view it as immoral, it took years for it to be acceptable to Latin society. I have loved this music all my life, learned to play it, written a dozen salsa and Latin instrumentals, and at one time I was about to ship out with the Arthur Maury dancers to teach dance but someone I was married to said no. It represents unfinished business with me. I have been pushed around by puritanical, moralists. I want a chance to have my say about it. I don't believe that dance is about sex or morality. I have married most of the people I have ever danced with and had a lasting relationship. Dancing brings people together for better reasons than shopping, watching TV or doing sports.  

Your list is fine although I am not going decide for you. I would suggest that the things you do could be more interactive rather than by yourself. Perhaps we need to encourage everyone to get involved and not be a passive observer. When people become part of the art it destroys the artificial barriers and the rationale for having art objects in the first place.
This performance is an art object that is part of a social event, but we maintain an artificial artist/audience barrier. 

With music and dance the barrier is for safety. You can't imagine a sax mouthpiece being jammed into your throat by an exuberant party guy.
Tango looks dangerous.

May 22
From Jennifer 

Who are your tangoists going to be? Why the tango? Cause it take 3 to tango? 

 I'm not sure of what you mean by 10 things I can do. 

1. I was thinking of going up front and doing a food thing, or if you prefer, I can do it from the audience while other acts are going on. 

2. I could sail paper airplanes thru the audience while the acts are going on.

#3 I could hand out bubble gum, or stretch my bubble gum from my mouth with my hand. I could give out bubble gum with instructions attached to do the same

4. I could pass a "slam book" & pen thru the audience during the show -- with questions in it that people could answer.

5. I could start ripping up paper and building a big pile of ripped up paper by my seat.

6. I could start painting a mural on the wall (the paper would just happen to be hanging there on the wall.)

7. I could have a scissors and start cutting up my clothing (ala Yoko Ono)

8. I could start talking loudly on my cell phone during the performance.

9. I could rattle a pocket full of marbles during the performance

10. I could start kissing my husband passionately during the performance

11. I could probably think of more things before May 28.