May 23

From Valley
I would love to help out and participate regardless of the overall decision of the Black Swans. 

Please let me know what I can do on my own and I'll get back to you about all of us (participating) as a group after (our meeting) Tuesday. 

I will forward your request for Mary's help on to her.

This just in. Cynthia would like to dance as well as act. 

She would like to be one of the tango dancers, would be willing to instruct the other tango dancers. Dance would have been her chosen profession.

She has also recommended Kelley Lane to be the Tangoist, her dance partner, with whom she has danced before.
( of course we get to kill him {theatrically speaking} at the end when he is interviewed. Are you the Tangoist? Me, of course not, I'm an Anti-Fluxist!
the audience screams, down withl the anti-fluxist. And then there have to be rumors of his return. The Tangoist Lives.)

She also would like to be an actor to play a part which she suggested as a counselor ( her real life profession) to the distraught parents of the expelled children. She can put on a lab coat over her tango outfit and some geeky rading glasses, hold a clip board. She will be a devout Tangoist.

May 23

Shann Palmer may be coming aboard as a writer

Also I've asked Rene Fagalde to stand by. I want him as an actor.

And I would love to get Slash Coleman on board as an actor. 

I would like Barbara Brown to be an Actor, also Valley, and Mary.

I would like Buddy and Lew to be actors also.

By actor I mean you will have specific parts and lines 

I want Cynthia to dance, 

I want Eugene to play flute in people's faces and maybe tell everyone that he is invisible, and has goat feet. He will be Pan. 

Does anyone feel strongly about acting? My choices? The whole thing?

Keep the cards and letters coming.