May 24

Those of you whom I have contacted to play a role as actor

please write down ten things you would want to say if you were in this situation for real. Anti-Tangoists also, put on your thinking caps and write down what you would say, puritanical papa's, moralistic socker moms, 

give me something.


From Rene Fagalde

I did a lot of acting at PM USA for twenty years.
Recently I played two parts in a puppet show i wrote.
I was pullchu the dizzy one and the trickster (devil).

But, I had scripts to read, I'm no Jimmy-Stewart-nice-guy
or Hop-along Cassidy 

Good casting for me -  Tonto maybe
more like a dark character in a foreign film (Cobra Verde)

You must be patient to do this, God love you,
maybe I could run around in a paper mask
and a sheet reciting blank pages....

I'd like people to feel and get their 
hair standing on end...