May 25

wow, everyone's asleep but the elephants.


Let's say Ezra is invisible like pan, a darker force than himself.

In the scene that intros the Balywacs, you stand behind them like a puppeteer, anticipating their lines with hand gestures.

yes, you wear a mask.


Ok back to Ezra

Flux River City - may I use this?
has a nice ring to it, but the sex ring doesn't exist except in the minds of Mr & Mrs Balywac ( bay'-lee-wack' ). Mildred Balywac is a church organizer and Mr B is a lay clergyman. They are anti-tangoists.So far they are the dark stars although what you are suggesting your Ezra would be gray compared to them.

Unless Ezra is the evil (trickster) who incites them.
I don't think Pan would like you very much, think on't, 
I'm  puting together a mid summer nights much ado about nada.

I have three people in masks, the dancers, only because I want them to play other roles. There. It's a precedent, but these are not dream time masks, elaborate theme masks or anything, just your generic eye hole mask for the eyes only. See my smiley face illustration.

I f I introduce Ezra at the beginning, say, one line perhaps 
end of act one scene one:

"There are darker stars in this play than anyone ever imagined."

This play is not abstract enough for a mask even if you are another character who wears a mask, can we hold off on the mask

I like your metaphors, Ezra could be your other character.

Pan, the greek satyr, appears to the reporter in the play. 

Pan won't be expecting another person able to see him.
No one has been able to see him in 2500 years.

Think of a ten line exchange with Pan and how his flute was once a nymph and the gods changed her into a hollow reed, hollow reed from hollow bone.

you know this story, you told it to me awhile back.

From Rene

there is this city of poetry or "fluxes"
a city of imagination, emotion, music, life and uncertainty (sex ring)
right ACROSS the BORDER from a city of 
nominative, objective and linear certainty
these folks keep crossing the border illegally
and it is creating havoc in the city of fluxes(poetry)
in the city of certainty where clever lives 
create illusions like the one my part has
from opportunity bought and sold or stolen if you like
where life is good and bad and everyone is happy or sad in certainty (school)
in a mask of their own making and where everyone is on one team or another (school bureaucrats disguised as republicans; klansmen disguised as liberals; 
and imagination is evaporated like water in the sands of the wasteland (blank pages = kids falsely accused).
certainty's inhabitants were masks to cover their shame from themselves (what secrets do they hold? principal runs sex ring with mayor?)
and the inhabitants of flux (poetry) wear masks so they will not be recognized 
by the certainty meanies in the Cartesian theater of the mind (what if they find out i smoke pot with my daughter?) 
and thus the world is lost in drama and forgotten abandon (maybe i'll kill them all with the heroin/crack city council sells; chuck richardson)
where the wards of the loaves control everything (lord = ward of the loaf, English idea) (neighborhood watch soccer moms?)
so i am one of the dark star anti-heros in the city of fluxes, a lost valentino,
with a mask and in my own illusion just like everyone else in the city of fluxes. 
shann is a thread in this tapestry and she weaves in and out sriffing out a monolgue 
about what she thinks the story of fluxes is -somewhat spontaneously from some framework- 
the plot should be mysterious to the audience for awhile 
a little uncertainty is healthy for the soul (imagination with a mask)
there could be character named soul who is imagination with a mask
hope your script is as much fun as i am imagining it could be
you hired me, boy are you in trouble!
all characters should wear masks just like in real life
personalized masks made by each actor

oh and yes i'll think of ten things 
to say in the situation
and send them before friday ends
the dilemma and rage is quite clear
the character will be complex,
passionate with trickster elements.

EZRA GUEVARA (aka as dark star)