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Jun 26, 2005

         Please read this Prologue / Afterthought

JUN 19

Topics at yesterday's meeting were:

Should Pan chase nymphs or just women in general
Should participating Tangoists and anti Tangoists sign a waver form
Should we put all shredded characters in the trash as a finale
Should we bother to have another meeting. 

JUN 18

From Rene (Ezra)

Ezra will only tango with "truth." You requested this blurb on Ezra. Remember, Ezra is who he is not and will contribute accordingly. He maintains the right to refuse participation at any time depending on his perception of the complete picture of the invisible and constantly moving target that is Tango 43. Ezra Guevara is wearing a black jacket and pants with a gray crew neck T-shirt and black loafers. He never wears shoes with laces. He has a mask on that has a smile with teeth on one side and a down turned mouth with a hanging tongue on the other side. The mask is made of an inverted grocery bag. He interacts independently with the audience; is not part of the cast; is not in the script; is not a member; is not dependent on anything but free flow and engages audience individuals one on one in conversation about:

We are condemned to freedom because we do not know what to do with it. A person is not what he is but what he is not -Jean Paul Sartre. 

Are free will and consciousness intractable? If so maybe we should just sip red wine and play tennis? 

Based on Manufacturing Consent; Power & Fear by Noam Chomsky; Daniel Donnet's ideas challenging the "Cartesian theater" model that gave Rene Descartes such an orgasm, "the mind has a single locus of conscious awareness, which observes events in the outside world enfolding as a more or less seamless, continuous narrative, and which has privileged access to the contents of its own mind. So ingrained is this model in our view of ourselves that it passes for common sense and has been taken as one of the basic facts about consciousness which any theory has to explain." This is the model taught by the academy of arts & sciences @ anywhere university and declares the greatest issues of our day are intractable. Ezra agrees with Donnet's "multiple drafts model" ... "all varieties of perception-indeed all varieties of thought or mental activity-are accomplished in the brain by parallel, multi-track processes of interpretation and elaboration of sensory inputs. Information entering the nervous system is under continuous editorial revision."
If we found ourselves stranded in the Guatemalan Jungle and there was no food available; would you eat my body if I died? The ideas of Oscar Olivera about leaderless collectives as quality solutions for the left vs. right party games that produce illusion and corporate collusion in a world where natural resources are quickly becoming limited in the world. Who are the grocery clerks sent out to collect the bill?

Appropriate poems can be read or recited to open individuals if the multidimensional moment calls for it. Ezra has plenty to say about life but only to those who are willing to listen:

The new editor of Paris Review, Philip Gourevitch says, " Maybe this is the effect of American master's degrees in creative writing...maybe its something else but a lot of fiction submissions we get are voice-driven...There's a certain amount of accomplishment in craft but it doesn't have anything to say...Writing programs can teach craft and form but they can't teach wisdom and they can't teach depth...What's rewarded in these programs is a certain kind of polish and style...and what I am looking for is fiction that has something to say as it has the ability to say it..." Of course, the same is true for Poetry these days. Ezra wants to engage in meaningful conversation even with all. Ezra is not confrontational but provokes thought and feeling with lucidity. He is not mean. He is not boring and not serious. He is not attack or fear but gently plucks the strings of those who search with heart and reads fear in others immediately. Ezra is what he is not. He is not selfish, mean, jealous, and not patient with bullshit, left, right, good, bad, or other illusions. He is not death. He is not fame or celebrity. He is not illusion. He is not betrayal. He is not your reflection. He does not impose. He is not certainty. He is not "Cartesian theater". Do you believe in life or do you experience it? For Ezra it is not 2005. Maybe it is 1776/1789 and the ideals of these revolutions are not yet realized? What are you not doing about it? He is not a psychopathic profile. He is not a corporate sponsor or supporter either. Truth is the progenitor of peace and Ezra insists we have fun while seeking anything if we must seek. 


JUN 16

One of the things not mentioned was TANGO DAYS

These would be days other than July 1st when we could get together in the gallery to have a little fun with anyone who might visit the gallery. Live art.


Jun 14

From Mitzi

I thought you might be interested in the list, thus far, of Fluxus participants for the July show at art6. You can see why it will be better to ask the participants and art6 members to distribute their own announcement cards. The card does NOT list all these names (but perhaps about half of them--the ones we knew at the time we were planning the card). If your name appears on the list erroneously, please let me know. If you see any names misspelled, please let me know that, too. Also, if you know ahead of time who any additional participants will be, I would appreciate the information so that I can add them to this list. 
--Mitzi Humphrey

Fluxus Redux July 1 - 31, 2005 

Fluxus Artists and Collaborators:
Virginia Tyack 
Stephanie Brody Lederman
Louise Neaderland
Michael Sulsona
Sheryl Humphrey
Andy Coppola
Lucy Lippard
Fluxus Driven
Edward Coppola
Lynne Haas
Caryl Burtner
Diana Detamore
Tricia Pearsall
Shann Palmer
Cynthia Erdahl
Chuck Scalin
Lew Bailes
Marian Hollowell
Rob Carter
Debbie DaPrano
Jesse Bailey
Rose Mezzatesta
Mim Golub
Marki Brown
Jimmy Warner
Fermin Trompeta
Todd Hale
ReCollage Mail Art Project
Mary Holland
Andrew Campbell
Polka Dot Arts
Karen Fitzhugh
Matt Lively
Bridget Camden
Barry C. Fuchs
Henrietta Near
Kathleen Forman
Yuki Dixon
Lynn Bailes
John Bailey
Frances Wessells
Diego Sanchez
Andrew Felty
Pam Shelor
Santa Sergio De Haven
Kathleen Westkaemper
Art Bailey
Susan Svendsen
Thomas M. Humphrey
Nicole de Armendi 
Barbara Brown
Buddy Hensley
Eugene Brown
Sandy Wheeler
Valley Haggard
Jack Glover
Caleb Doddy
Jorge Benitez
Jennifer Yane
Isabel Scarpino
Nancy Strube
Dana Frostick
Jeanne Minnix
Angie Sturm
Keithley Pierce
Brenda Giannini
J. M. Lucas
Georgia Terry
Margaret Porter Daniel
Cassady Rosenblum
Jim Panos
Laura Chesson
The Paper Shredder
Julia Hauser
Adam Courville
Penny Hanky
Becca Ladmer
Kim Winters
Eileen Kindle
Perry Busse
Lisa Kellner
Sophia Pulkoski-Skeans
James E. Gilchrist
Celeste Howard Ray
Emily Blake
Austin Tribble
Laura Robertson
Rita Root
Becky Jessee
Sara Jones
and many more. 

Jun 13

From Marian

jimmy, you did great job of covering most details i jotted down, but i will try to read my scribbles and add on or point up same as you [point up! oh yes! what the hell is THAT? i LOVE that line!]

chant -thing around gallery 'what the hell is that?' ' what does it mean? '
lynn, lew, shann, marian agreed to get into the one-piece sheet [like an oversized t-shirt] with 4 holes for heads to stick out , as we move along the gallery gazing at art, and in unison [ we need to establish the count, or not, as we are so free -flow, here, but all using the stare-at-art in multi-expressions exaggerated, of couse] / this can be decided next meeting,perhaps]... and then move a few spaces, stare, chant, etc...til cover whole room. this will go on at different intervals in the evening...we can establish times, etc...

and the ' i want you! ' chant [ uncle sam or auntie sami in faces of people, recruiting ..pushing political buttons!] simple fun costume to bring up image of uncle sam etc...
whatever your role may be, DRESS in costume-ie fun and using whatever other means we all come up with to identify ourselves. 
above all else, have FUN with it!

clip boards are good/multi-useful. jot notes[ or what is prepared and given to you, as to your role or what you say or where you are needed at given times]...use these clip boards to identify self, and for any notes to help guide way thru [or not, it is fluxus, and if you trip up,. so what?! ].you can hold them up to your face and hide behind if people scare you ha 
or put it over butt and say ' kiss it if you don't like my art',... okay , i just added that ha it wasn't discussed at meeting, but ya get my drift... spontaneous combustion fluxus
the boards will have the big sticker symbol stuck on back. wanna wear'em in hair? on forehead?> we don't care.just be sure on clipboard, too....

what about buttons??

in another 'play' , lew and lynn will take on opposite positions , bantering their own 'cause' ... lynn, your daughter has every right to dance her tango or whatever position you are taking. i believe you ha your character development was shining thru already,yesterday, and i was having fun just watching and listening! and lew, who wouldn't believe you?? now, fight it out! LOUD

i heard it mentioned that lynn sews, too, so between shann's daughter and lynn, we may be able to come up with some simple tricks to add to costumeville....

jimmy has a list of different names of characters he'd like seen played. jimmy, add that page here for everyone[ that you showed
me ]   SCRIPT

The characters are shreds and don't have lines, you can be the characher and act out the character's agenda as though chacters in seach of a plot.

names of people showing interest /and [most] committed to gig:
jimmy warner, director [ who will be on' landing' where music stuff is, a lot, and also going around overseeing what happening in other parts of gallery, guiding, answering questions we may have etc.... in other words, free-flowing jimmy will steer where needed...or not. it is fluxus...did i say that before? ]
lew, lynn bailes
barbara brown [ character // twyla harp, famous dead person dancing around?]
rene  Ezra
eugene [ our very own pan! playing his flute!]
cynthia  excellent dancer
kelley  excellent dancer
[jimmy, add on others as i am not sure who else]
there were other suggestions, too, so know list will grow.
you mentioned 2 dancers, and know, too, barbara has mentioned wanting to possibly dance,also.

you need to ask mitzi to borrow her video camera[ need film, too, and i found it cheaper at kmart for 2 rolls , i think about $8], and was suggested valley be roving reporter, as she documents stuff, interviewing //and snooping into 'goings-on'.would be great to have it documented and NOT destroyed...she could dress as a real flashy reporter,too...getting into peoples faces, broad character, fearless! [i am adding on bits as i write,too, folks, thinking outloud as keyboard dances under fingers i hit and peck!]

which leads me to shredding room. a line or dialogue of "play" or whatever can be read off from clipboard and then ripped off and put into shedder.this can be repeated with a number of copies of play showing up thru out night/read and shreaded... it was suggested by shann we need to be careful as the shedder can get hot, and we don't want fire !! i will bring an extra fire extinguisher for that room that night JUST IN CASE.there was more discussion on use of that room. 
brain and notes aren't clear at this moment[ fill in blanks here, jimmy//and we can clarify more at next meeting]  JUNE 19th, 400PM
folks, i am no secretary[ bless them!] and my notes look like , well, i write in various angles, circling this and that, and maybe a key word or too, so am bloggggging babbbbbling here ha bear with me....

yeah, i will be a body to be played off of if wanna cover me in ribbons/string[fill hair, arms ,legs, whole body/ end of night,or plastic wrap and rolled around on floor]. i do not want to be put in shredder, though... i have a few limitations on my free-spirited nature. 

oh! it was also dicsussed to have a 'happening' kinda thing on the 14th[thurs.] or 16th [sat] or both...during gallery hours. maybe shockoe poets? we can have little handouts with 'event' and times on it to hand out at opening...[and leave some on back of commode in bathroom,as that is a much visited site during nite]...

john poems

that's all i can think of or have scribbled.
oh! we want to utilize the entrance /outside gallery...characters can climb up on rocks and read "play' stuff from clip board, or read poetry...whatever....space NEEDS to be used...

hope this helps.
peace and fun

Jun 12

Wow, what a wonderful meeting,  Team Tango is alive and well 

and coming up with fabulous ideas for the Fluxus show, July 1st.

I wish to thank Marian Hollowell for calling the meeting and taking

 notes throughout. Also Lew and Lynne for helping me clarify just 

 what our intent should be, and how some of my characters will 

 operate in this event. And I wish to thank Shann Palmer with all of 

 her theatrical experience for helping us find ways to express the 

 practical staging and reinforcing of theme with props and other 

 devices. Everyone had excellent ideas and I didn't feel like 

I had to be the one pulling it all out of my ...You guys are just 


Thank you so much. 

We agreed to meet again on Sunday (next) at 4:00 PM JUNE 19th

 to continue mapping and plotting, suggesting and questioning, 

brainstorming and coming up with solutions to what is basically a 

conceptual piece that is in constant flux. 


That is to say, Tango43 is a play that was never intended to be

 performed, though many of the characters in the play did come to 

 life, but the play was shredded before it was finished and those 

 fresh characters did not know that they no longer exist. They will 

 continue to live on as shreds. Anyone who wants to be a shred 

 on July 1st,  is more  than  welcome to participate.


We've discussed the idea of using clip boards to officiate over the 

 event. Also crack and peel stickers will be provided to all 

 participants. There could perhaps be a hierarchy of stickers to 

 collect like "pieces of flair" such as in the movie "Office." I think 

anyone with clip boards should have a list of questions to fill in with 

 checks. Always /sometimes /seldom/ and never.


I proposed a crowd singing "What the hell is this" to the tune of the 

 Close Encounters theme. Shann said Alia could make a huge t-shirt 

 to fit over the entire group, as many as can squeeze into it. They 

 would sing to each exhibit.


I'm hoping Marian will type her notes for us and I will add them to 

 the blog ASAP. Oh, did I mention that Marian wants us to put 

 stickers and ribbons on her while she is...

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